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Envirodeck offers a range of composite deck products which will turn any outside area into a modern, beautiful space, while still being environmentally conscious.

Sustainable. Durable. Complete peace of mind.

Envirodeck’s composite deck products allow homeowners, decking installers and architects to enjoy all of the benefits of a wooden deck without the high maintenance requirements of a traditional timber deck. With value added sustainability and durability, an Envirodeck deck will last for years without ever having to be re-painted, re-oiled or re-stained, and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Beautiful decking designs can transform a dull backyard into an oasis of luxury, style and relaxation, giving life to any entertainment area. Envirodeck’s composite deck products come in a variety of profiles and colours, and are easy to install, long-lasting and require little maintenance – making them ideal for swimming pool and jacuzzi areas, verandas and patios.

Unyielding technology makes all the difference. Envirodeck’s composite deck products are produced from recycled materials and are manufactured under strict processes to perform in the cold wet winters of the Cape and the harsh dry heat of the Lowveld. Comprehensive testing is conducted both locally and abroad, for use in varying climatic conditions, offering complete peace of mind.  This means that you will not have to worry about traditional decking issues such as splintering, warping and general decay.

In addition to composite decking solutions, Envirodeck’s range of decking accessories and care products will keep your deck looking new and will ensure your deck stays strong for years to come.  Combine all these factors, Envirodeck is the best choice to enhance any day or night time entertainment area.

All of our composite deck products boast many benefits, including:

  • Moisture Resistance: Due to the encapsulation process used in production, composite products are less susceptible to the build-up of moisture – making Envirodeck ideal for coastal conditions
  • Innovation: New profiles to make the composite market more price competitive, a large range of accessories and colours for more variety in choice
  • Insect Resistant: Does not contain wood characteristics which attract problem insects, so it’s the perfect product for regions with climates which tend to encourage insect breeding
  • Low Maintenance: Decks made from composite materials don’t need to be re-painted, re-oiled or re-stained, requiring only a quick sweep and wash every so often
  • Comfort: Composite materials do not splinter and are non-slip, making it the perfect surface for areas around swimming pool and patio decks as it’s completely barefoot friendly
  • Eco-Friendly: Wood plastic decking is made from 95% recycled material, contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives, and are certified green for sustainability as well as energy and water efficiency
  • Easy DIY Installation: Integrated concealed clip system with grooved decking makes for a seamless finish
  • Affordability: Envirodeck offers composite deck products which are both affordable and boast a proven performance track record – what more could you ask for?
  • Superior Anti-slip Properties: The textured surface of Envirodeck products prevents slipping and is rated one of the best in the industry

The Impression solid decking profile offers great installation options as it can be installed with either its smooth or ribbed surface finish, depending on the look you want.

The new innovative Impression lite outdoor decking board is an economical choice when choosing a wood composite timber alternative for your deck.

The Impression range also brings you composite accessory and cladding profiles which finish off decking projects beautifully, ensuring an attractive decking installation.

A well-built deck not only looks better, but also performs more effectively and lasts longer when the right decking accessories have been used.

Extend your entertainment and enjoyment of your deck into the night with our comprehensive and complete range of outdoor lighting.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of commonly asked product and installation questions about our composite decking products and profiles.

Choose Innovation. Choose Green. Choose Envirodeck.

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